is this a big deal?

just curious to see some of the opinions. I live in a large apartment complex, and the basement apartments have their windows at grass level outside. I took my dog outside to use the bathroom, we walked around the entire yard when I figured he wasn't going to go so we headed towards the front door. Well he decided right beside the front steps he was going to go poo 🤷‍♀️ the spot he picked happened to be a good meter away from a window to one of the basement apartments. he's a small dog so it's not like it's alot either. So the lady opens her window and screams at me as I'm picking up his poop that she never wants him anywhere near there again (which it's impossible considering that's right beside the front entrance) seeing a person and my pup loves people, he walks closer to the window to say hi, and she screams at him to get away and hits her window. When he only took 2 steps and still wasn't even close by. like i understand no one wants a dog pooping right infront of their window but it was not an intentional thing and was the first time its happened. i feel like it would have been much more appropriate to just ask me to be more careful and try to keep him further away instead of screaming. When i didnt intentionaly bring him to that spot to poop. i just ended up ignoring her and going in the building but im a bit upset with her reaction.

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