HELP I think I am in a toxic relationship...

Guys I think I'm in the start of a toxic relationship.....

I've been in my relationship a while now. I am 23 and he is 41. We get on well like a house on fire ...

Anyway in the first few months of our relationship he brought me a current year BMW M3 the highest spec. Which I politely declined, so he kept the car.

He wanted to sign his house over to me and the will which in case he pops his clogs I inherit more money I have ever imagined including his businesses that he owns. That too I refused to sign the documents.

*I'm not that type of person like he worked for that himself I shouldn't be just taking anything off him like that - I cant accept such large things at this early stage, and I would rather work on building our relationship*

He completely understood why I didn't accept all of the above and that he was greatful for my honesty

Anyway he keeps asking for a baby which again at such an early stage in the relationship I dont feel its the right time to have a child just yet. 

Now he wants me to quit my career and live with him.

Everything seems a bit full on at this stage and he just seems like someone who very forward?? This is where it gets interesting.... (I will summarise this)

*We had a disagreement because he hates the fact that people call me.

By that I mean family and my best friends.

So he kicked off big time and said that he doesntlike it and would rather me not have a phone.

*He kicked off when we both went to the chemist to pick up the morning after pill because he felt that the male doctor liked me in that way. Even though we was justlaughing at the fact that the computer system went down in the middle of the questions doctors ask.

*He kicked off every time we went on a date night to a restaurant for a meal because he's unhappy with his life currently and he's stick between a rock and a brick wall basically

*He also kicked off at my PRE BOOKED holiday  (before him) with my sister to Austrailia and said that I should cancel it.

*He kicked off when I didnt respond to his messages when I was on evening out with my step mom - eventually accusing me of all sorts.

Bearing in mind after each a disagreement he sits there grovelling endlessly apologising the next day.

* He was in an abusive relationship 6 years before me which ended in 2015/2016 & there is an injunction against the crazy woman.

What the fuck have I got myself into and what do I do?

Is this normal?