What would YOU do?


So, I’m pregnant with twins. (20weeks) I’m a full time mom, wife, and employee! My job consists of lots of walking maybe breaking for 5 minutes and not all the time lunch breaks due to working short! Also; it requires lifting and pulling, sometimes people weighing twice my size😩 i can hardly find help when i need it so I’m left to do the job alone. My body be so tired and exhausted from the walking and tugging I’m literally here almost in tears! I just told my husband but I’m not sure if he quite understand how I’m feeling! When I was pregnant with our boys, he was so understanding and more sensitive! Now, he’s more less sensitive. I’m thinking because we’re having a girl in the mix! This is my first set of twins, EVER, (b/g didi) and I’m high risk due to Chronic Hypertension! What would you guys do in this situation?