inferiority complex

so, today, while a normal conversation with my husband, about his family (I live with in-laws) he told me I had inferiority complex.

maybe I had it as a kid, but not so now.

I got hurt, very hurt. I felt like crying hard. it's something very personal. and I suffer from anxiety and depression. whenever I say anything, express my feelings, he insensitive to them and tell me I just think too much or im being silly and dumb.

I don't want to talk to him or see him. i don't have the energy. and than he came asking me how long my mood will take. I told him I don't know. so he told me to stop mourning. again it's quite insensitive.

I'm just lost again. I have move continents and away from my family and home to be here. it's just a year to our marriage. and I think it's more me of how I imagined him to be in my head (good and understanding) and filled my emotional needs in my head, for which he was never there.

it's all fallen away.

I feel so lost.

I don't know what to do, what to think. how to behave