Am I pregnant?


I had protected sex about 5 times last month. I last got my period on April 10, so right about now I should be getting it. <a href="">Eve</a> said it should have arrived on May 12, and now it’s 2 days late. I’m usually either a couple days early or a couple days late, so that seems ok I’m just worried I’m never gonna get it. I have preday cramping and soft poop (tmi sorry but this happens when I’m gonna get my period) but it just won’t show up??? Idk what to do because I’m just a teenager and my boyfriend broke up with me recently. When we had sex we made sure the confirm was on properly EVERY time and he checked to make sure there were no holes after. Maybe stress is delaying my period? My boobs don’t hurt (never usually do when I’m gonna get my period) im not having any nausea or anything so it’s not like I’m having pregnancy symptoms. My period just isn’t showing up. Should I be panicking as much as I am? HELP Please !!