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Ashley • Mama of two 👼🏼👼🏼;Britton & Jaylen. Dog mom. PCOS cyster. Due 6-5-20. Wife 6-23-18.

My fiancé and I are getting married on June 23rd. Basically just one month away...

we have been engaged for 14months and asked our bridal parties to be groomsmen/bridesmaids 13months ago...

All we are asking the groomsmen to purchase for themselves is a pair of navy slacks, brown shoes, and a white shirt, if they don’t already have it. If they have it, they can wear what they have...we are taking care of the suspenders and bow ties...

so groomsmen have known for an entire year that this was coming. This morning, my fiancé got a text from a groomsman saying that he’s not coming to the wedding, because he doesn’t want to ask for 3 days off of work.

I’m pissed. How inconsiderate can you get? As an adult, he made a commitment, so he needs to be here, in my opinion. We aren’t asking much of any of our party. Just the basics.

Now we need to find someone else to be an alternate for him. I already have half of the programs printed with his name on them...I am fuming!

It’s not like he’s a guest and can choose not to attend... he’s a groomsman! He said he’d be here.

And I’ve asked, there are no extenuating circumstances, he just doesn’t feel like taking the three days off to drive down here and drive back home after.

Pretty much just venting, but if anyone has any advice, I would love some right about now!