Degenerating Fibroid


Long post...

I knew I had fibroids before i got pregnant. They found them when I had a miscarriage last May. The doctors didn’t seem worried, and thought i was nuts suggestions we take them out. They were small, but there were about 8-10. Exact count unknown. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago my ligament pains have been feeling worse than usual. We do our 18/19 week scan and the doctor requests so see if my fibroids have increased in size. Well the largest one has doubled since August.

We discover all this on my 20 week visit to the doctor on Tuesday 5/8. Come Friday 5/11 at 9:00 am I start feeling some horrible pains again. Assuming it’s bag ligament pains I pop some Tylenol. It takes the edge off at first. The only thing that kind of makes the pain bearable is squatting. Well you can’t do that when you work in retail, and it’s Mother’s Day weekend. 😑 I leave work early because I can’t take it anymore, I’m about to pass out from the pain. So i go home and take a warm bath, pop some more Tylenol and try to find a spot in bed where I can see if the pain eases. I stand this for maybe another two hours, and now the pain feels like tightness in my uterus. So I call the advice line for my doctor and they immediately transfer me to L&D.; I’m a person who hates to cry to people. I end up crying on the phone to the L&D; nurse when she’s asking me how long, what have I done for the pain. And she immediately says come in, we want to make sure youre not starting preterm labor. Cue more tears when I hang up the phone, and tell my husband.

We get there, they’re ready for me, and hook me up and start monitoring me. After running a bunch of tests the OB on call tells me she’s pretty sure my fibroid is losing blood. (Degenerating) and that I’m going to experience excruciating pain for at least three days.

So the doctor says i can give you some Narcotics for the pain.

And I’m like THAT CANT BE GOOD FOR THE BABY!!!! She says it’s OK for the baby for a few days. And I’m like is there anything else I can take?! And she says Motrin. Well I’m like that’s bad too right?! And she assured me it’s ok for a few days in the 2nd trimester. I’m weary but she’s the doctor. I tell her fine I’ll try one, and if it doesn’t work, than I’ll not take it and be back. She said ok good idea. She never mentioned once that i should take off work for this. So here I am day 4 on my feet, busy as shit at work for Mother’s Day, and I’m dying of pain. I’ve left two days this weekend early because I can’t take it anymore. My boss seems to think I’m faking it, my husband is upset because I’m in so much pain and the doctor nor my boss think it’s enough for me to miss work. He says I should have had a note written so I could be on leave till the pain subsides. By the end of the day I’m so exhausted from the pain I can barley get out of bed. Everyday the pain does decrease by some, but it’s still a motherfucker. And I’m constantly squatting or bending over from pain. And on top of all this, I think the baby is kicking this fibroid, because the pain is worse at moments than others. 😑 sorry for the long post, it’s just a rant/sympathy to complain about pain and my shitty ass boss.

Has anyone else experienced a degenerating fibroid?