Husband rant.. looking for advice

First I want to say that my husband is usually the sweetest most patient person in the world.. but I have seen a very moody side of him since becoming pregnant. Tonight he snapped at me because he had just tried to feel our babies hiccups and he kind of felt them but not really.. well then he walked away and started heading downstairs to switch laundry over but I found a better spot for him to feel hiccups so I yelled for him to come back and he got shitty and was like “seriously, I was halfway down the stairs already. What do you want?” And didn’t even seem interested in feeling her. Every time I ask him to feel her he seems uninterested (it’s hard for him to feel her because I have an anterior placenta). He loves to talk about her but it seems like he doesn’t understand that she is real.. and Alive.. and right in my belly. And I feel like he gets annoyed that I can’t help around the house like I used to. What should I do? I thought by 32 weeks he would be more understanding and interested but he just isn’t. Idk if the stress of becoming a dad is getting to him but when I try to talk to him calmly about any of this he just gets defensive and says he’s not moody and that I’m overreacting.