Having a baby with Rob. (Rob is just a friend).

Sahar • To birth & raise remarkable human beings. {Mummy to 2 ~ Zachary 13 & Meiyah 11} 🙏🏼 TTC #3

At some stage, we’ve all come to the point when we know, with every atom that makes up our being, that we are ready to be a mum. Either for the first time or again. And when that feeling hits you...wow. Nothing else in this world matters. Having a baby has consumed my heart & mind.

So I took a friend up on an offer...I asked him to help me fall pregnant. I asked him to father my child. And he’s going to do it.

At first I kept thinking ‘how could this work’. Do we need a contract? He refused such a thing. Saying we’re both mature & both respect each other enough that we don’t need this type of agreement. And it’s true. I care for him deeply, I’d never burden him.

But there’s so many other complications that can arise. What I imagine for my life & the life of my baby to be, doesn’t really fit Rob (friend), into the picture. And that really isn’t fair, is it...

Guess I need some help. Has anyone gone down this path before? Does anyone know of a woman who has conceived this way? What are your perceived complications?