Blood Tests after Miscarriage


First and foremost, I need to give a big shout out to my husband. This is our second miscarriage and he’s been my rock and super supportive all through this. (I don’t do well with blood and he thinks it’s been ridiculous, but the 2 times I’ve had to have my blood drawn so far he’s been amazing.)

Second, I guess I’m writing this to just get it off my chest. After my first miscarriage in February of this year I was told it was likely just a chromosome issue and usually people go on to have healthy pregnancies afterwards. Now, I have just had my second miscarriage. I go to see my doctor and she’s very sympathetic and understanding. She said she’d like to run some more tests since this is our second miscarriage. She ordered labs (I’ll have them done once my hcg levels are back down to 0) to check for chromosomal disorders in me, autoimmune disorders, thyroid issues, etc. to make sure she isn’t missing anything. I’m somewhat relieved. I was a little nervous she’d confirm the miscarriage and send us on our way. I’m just glad we’re looking into this more deeply. If everything comes back normal with me, my husband will have to go get checked out. Hopefully we both get cleared and it’s just bad luck we’re having. Or that whatever is wrong is a simple fix.