Brave is a really good word for me because I’ve always seen myself as a weak person and I’ve had people tell me I’m a weak person but I kicked lymes disease im raising two children who aren’t mine and I married a man with a sex addiction and I’m choosing to thrive in my marriage and love my husband anyway... a coward would walk away but I’m staying because I’m brave:) I couldn’t be happier with my husband... yeah I hate the addiction he deals with I hate seeing him so upset that he can’t seem to get sober for as long as he wants to I get sick of the meetings, the evenings where he’s talking to sponsors, and all my own counselling but i love how he loves me. I think I’m brave and beautiful and strong to stay with him but I’m also the luckiest wife ever. Because he might be a 10 year addict but he’s over 3 weeks sober which is a BIG WIN for me!!