Rant - FTM Problems 🙄

FYI Im gonna cuss like a sailor because im EXTREMELY irritated right now and just need to get it all out. So if youre a prude or dont like cussing, please hit the ‘exit’ button now.

Long rant ahead 🤘🏻

So I just need to rant because im SOOO tired of my so called best friend acting like shes the first person to ever have a fucking baby. Ever since I told her I was pregnant she always tries to give me her two cents or send me “I-Hope-Youre-Ready” texts.

But what she needs to understand is that im married, have been for almost 2 years, TTC for 1 year and my husband and I were actively trying for this, we know what we’re getting ourselves into, we were mentally preparing for this since we got married. Even when we were dating and had talked about having kids we were actively saving money for anything because we wanted to be somewhat ready for anything. We just recently bought our first house, our families are fully supportive (mine is even flying out from cali for the birth (I moved to FL with him)) he’s been medically discharged from the Marines with a heart condition so we get monthly checks from the VA even though he still works full time and takes overtime every day to have a nice money cushion. Im not working so I can stay home and we both have separate savings for emergencies and the baby.

Now for her, she got pregnant by accident. She was told she could never get pregnant and did. With a man that she had only been dating for a few months. Lives with her parents who don’t like her baby’s father, even more so when she got pregnant. And his family doesn’t like her either but she still decided to name her daughter after his grandmother in an attempt to make them happy, plot twist, it didn’t do shit.

But now here I am 5 weeks away and im just so over her and im honestly on the verge of cutting her off because she honestly looks down upon me for some reason. Im constantly getting texts from her with a picture of her current situation whether it’s being covered in spit up, diaper blow out, etc and the same tag line “Hope Youre Ready For This.” Like OMGGGGG STFUUU.

And a couple weeks ago I had canceled my baby shower because with the new house, I didn’t have much money to pay for the venue, decor, food etc without dipping into my savings so my husbands girlfriends threw me a surprise shower and went all out. One of the gifts was a bouncer, which my friend told me not to put on my registry because she got me a second hand one. Mind you, she still lives in Cali, was not planning on mailing it out or coming out here. She wanted my family to bring it with them when they flew out here. I knew for a fact that not many people looked at my registry because I didn’t put a bouncer on my list for that reason, and I can point out everything that was bought off it. So one day I put together the bouncer and swing I received and post a picture on facebook and she goes off on me in the comments saying how she told me not to buy one because she had already told me she had gotten me one. Not only that but a friend in Texas had also bought me a second hand bouncer FIRST. And I had told my BF that but she said she didn’t care and that I NEEDED to tell my other friend that I didn’t need it because I already have one even though she bought it after I already told her my Texas friend got me one and waited almost 2 months.

And now today I reposted this picture on facebook:

With the caption “How Ayden’s (my coming soon baby) closet be looking after my baby shower.”

And she goes into the comments saying how she hopes that I didn’t get to many newborn diapers because HER daughter only fit them for a couple weeks and the same with clothes. “My daughter is turning 6 months in 2 days and is already wearing 12-18 month baby clothes.

Like....ok and..????? My child is not YOUR child. We are not even the same race. My child may not develop as fast as yours all babies are different. Im just over her acting like the first person to ever have a damn baby. My own mother isn’t even being like this. My mom checks up to make sure my due date hasn’t changed and is done because as an RN she realizes that not all pregnancies and babies are the same. And for her to really get mad at me over the bouncer is just beyond me, I don’t understand why she got so pissed off at me. Not to mention that when I told her I was pregnant she immediately said “Our kids aren’t ever going to date, nothing against you but its not gonna happen.” Like FIRST OF ALL...... what makes you think that my son will automatically be attracted to your daughter? We live across the country from each other so you can calm tf down.

Honestly our friendship has been strained for a while now and I’m not 100% sure why tbh. I think it all might’ve started when I started college and started dating though but 🤷🏽‍♀️. Her mom doesn’t like me anymore, they honestly believe her mom “raised” me, THAT got a hearty laugh out of my grandma when I asked if her mom had raised me. I flew out to Cali just to see her and she kept lying to me about why she couldn’t see me even though I have her on all my social media. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So that was a wasted trip. And now this, like she doesn’t even talk to me anymore unless its some unsolicited mom advice or foreboding. I understand not texting/calling me to just talk because she has her baby to worry about, but using your time to text/comment talking about the issues with YOUR child isn’t helpful or needed either. In high school when I slept over she told me that her and her family 100% believed that your breasts were meant for your husband and not for your child so you best believe that I’m more than likely not gonna trust your parenting advice... sorry, not sorry.

Theres so much more details and other stuff to add to this but I think I got most, if not all of my irritation out so I’m good now. 👍🏼

Im probably gonna ‘RESPECTFULLY’ request that she stop with the unsolicited advice and texts, but if anyone has any recommendations on how to better handle this or if I’m just reading into this to much.