Nervous about missed period and pregnancy

So my boyfriend and I had sex this month twice unprotected but the good thing is, he stuck it in and out and that was it. This was not a pull out method this was he stuck it in and out and that’s it. We did it before and after ovulation. But as it got closer to the date I started freaking out. My stress was so high and I am also diagnosed with anxiety so it didn’t help. We did not do anything before we decided to just stick it in and out, there was no dry humping or anything else sexual. He did not ejaculate obviously and from now on I’m just going to wait until I start birth control because the stress is too months. By my hormones have been so out of wack where I would stop having regular symptoms but now I’m calm. So is there a possibility I’m pregnant? My mom knows but I want to get someone else’s opinion.. thank you! (Sorry if there was tmi in this)