My hero is in hospice.


This is so hard to write, but I need to. Today my mom entered hospice care. She has been battling cancer for 5 and a half years but now there’s nothing else they can do. The chemo is no longer working and the cancer has spread to her bones in multiple places. She is in pain almost constantly and can no longer work. My mom is 58 years old and a grandmother to our only child. She and my daughter have such a special bond that it breaks my heart every time I see them together or on FaceTime because I know my daughter is too young to remember her after she’s gone. It’s not fair. It never is. Our next child is due the end of October and it’s very likely my mom won’t see this child ever. My mom will never see my sister get married or have her own family. She will never see my kids graduate or achieve anything as adults. I won’t be able to call her about any tiny thing I need advice on. We knew this time was coming but I selfishly had hope in the back of my mind that she would defeat all the odds and make it longer than the doctors said. My mom has always been healthy and strong and fit. Her genetics were against her. The same genetics I have and will most likely meet the fate of. But what the cancer can’t take from her are her heart and her steadfast faith. She has never been anything other than loving and 100% there for us. The day we lose my mom for good will be the day a large part of our hearts die and never be able to be filled. There’s no one that compares to her and no one ever will. The decision for hospice was so hard for her, but if it means her being able to be more comfortable and free in her last days, then I can’t be against it. I love you, mom.