TTC after a year! Any tips? Here’s my story


My husband (22)and I (20)have been ttc for over a year. I was on the implanon birth control since I was 16. I got off of it when I was 17-18. When we got together I was only on it for a month and got it taken out because my hormones made me sad and angry all the time on top of weight gain. It is very difficult ttc with him being army national guard and having him gone for a weekend every month and a month out of the year. I have very irregular periods they went from 28-33 from last year to now 32-39. Around July last year he went to the field for a month and I had my period just like ever other time but I bled heavier and had more pain during those few days my husband came home early and surprised me by proposing. A few days later we rushed to the hospital to find out I possible miscarried (it was to early to tell). We have done everything to ttc since then after our hearts were shattered. We have always talked about kids and we want a baby so bad. All my friends and family around us are pregnant and it’s so hard to be happy for them. 3 months ago the same thing happened a possible miscarriage when I went to the hospital the doctors told me it was unlikely I would have children due to undiagnosed pid (pelvic inflammatory disease). I had cysts on my ovaries as well. I followed up with a new Obgyn (since I hated my other one) she told me it was still possible to have kids and they gave me antibiotics for my pain and the infection and told me to follow up in 3 months. We have tried everything to have a baby. It’s so frustrating. These last two months I have been 8 days late on my period and they have lasted 2-4 days each. I just ended my period may 8-12 I have been nauseous this past week as well as my husband has. We are hoping it’s not just a bug but I took a test last week it came out negative. But I want to see what my Obgyn says next month and see how my tubes and ovaries look. My mother always needed blood test to show she was pregnant so we will see! I want to start doing my temperature, cm checks, and ovulation tests! Any tips?! And what about prenatals or any meds to help us get pregnant! My aunt is doing <a href="">ivf</a> and is ttc twins and twins run in both our families and we are both in line! We would be blessed with one baby but two would be amazing as well! Baby dust to everyone ttc! Hopefully we get our blessing soon that we have prayed and cried for!!