Tonight I Pray...

Mary • Wife 5.22.09 💘 & Mommy 👧👼👼 👦 Breastfeeding🐮 PCOS Fighter💪

That tomorrow's test will finally be a real positive.

I will be 13 dpo on my 26 cycle of ttc. I have PCOS, history of cysts and miscarriage.

Let me just say...I'm tired. I'm done with symptoms, maybes, tracking, inverting pictures, begging others to see the invisible line I see.

If AF really shows again... I'm done. I will continue Preseed, Maca Root, and clean eating with yoga. I might delete glow...or move it. I love everyone on here (well...almost lol). But I can't take the counting anymore.

AF not welcome Thursday.

Testing in the AM.

Prayers please...