I gave birth to my sweet baby girl at twenty nine weeks and five days


About two and a half weeks ago I noticed I started to have some discharge. It carried on a few days and I brought it up at my ob appointment. My doctor said it was normal and that my ph balance was just off. He gave me antibiotics for a week. The following week we got ready to go to Dallas for some classes for my fiancé. It’s a five hour drive from l where we live. We got there Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon we went to bed early, around six something. I woke up around eight something having cramps in my lower stomach and back. I tried to take a bath, I ended up taking two and fell asleep later on. I woke up the next morning and the pain wasn’t really there. Thursday night, it was difficult to sleep because the cramps had got worse. Friday, my fiance went to his class and got out around two. We drove back, I was still having pain but it wasn’t to bad. When we got home, my fiance unpacked our stuff and I decided to take a bath. I started to cry in the tub because I started to hurt again. I got out and sat on the toilet and when I got up I felt like I needed to pee again. So I sat down and when I wiped, I seen a little blood. Then I wiped again and seen more. We came to the hospital and they did a grime test. They put me on the monitor and they said I wasn’t having anything contractional and I had a bladder infection. So I showed her the picture of the discharge and the blood I had passed at the house and she said it was my mucus plug. She then checked me and said I was dilated. When she came back in, she said three to four centimeters. They brought me to do a ultrasound and it showed she was facing head down. They brought me to a room where they wanted me to lay down flat so I didn’t put pressure on my water bag and break it. The next the doctor said I can go shower. Well I did and I did not have a catheter in any more so I had gotten up to potty a few times. They checked me and she said I was at a seven to eight. They came set the room up. I was able to lay there until the next night. Contractions got close and harder. They called my nurse for medicine and she asked what my pain was and I said seven to eight. She said she wanted to check me before she gave me medicine, I was dilated all the way. They call my doctor and he came in and busted my water bag. I pushed about five times and my little girl was here. She weighed three pounds and ten ounces at birth. She only lost four grams the first day, and she was down to three pounds eight ounces as of last night. They where able to give me the two steroids shots for her lungs. She is two and a half days old. And this is hard. It never gets easier to walk out of there. We where fortunate and blessed enough to get a hospitality room last night, but there probably isn’t one available for us tonight. I don’t ever want leave her. It hurts to even think about. Im so petrified of her back tracking or them finding something wrong with her. I’ve o my held her twice. For about s minute after she was born and thirty minutes two days ago. I got a cold or something while in the hospital and I’m EXTREMELY scared of giving it to her. Her daddy got it as well, so he hasn’t gotten to hold her yet. I’m sorry for the long post, I just need all the prayer we can get. I pray often but you can’t pray enough🙏