Scrapes and bruises of daycare


My poor baby had an accident at daycare yesterday. She feel from a slide and injured her face. I know people say accidents happen, kids get hurt, but this makes me feel so horrible for having her in daycare while I work.

I’m pissed off that it was allowed to happen, but I’ve already said my piece to the schools director and hope they will watch her like a hawk (which I pay $400w for!!) I know accidents can happen.

Just another struggle to add to the pros & cons list of being a working parent. How do you deal with this struggle? It’s so hard not to blame myself for not keeping her home, even though I know that she is going to grow up and things are going to happen. This is just the first injury and she’s only 1, 💔 breaks my heart.

I know it’s not realistic to want control over this situation but my mama bear instinct just has me raging. Maybe next time won’t be so bad. Here’s hoping!