Was it rape?

So a little more than a year ago I was dating this guy. I was 15 he was 17 and I was a virgin I told him I didnt want to have sex until I was married and I didnt even want to kiss him. one day we were in his room just watching a movie and I didnt think anything was going to happen because I trusted him and he said he was ok with waiting. It was cold so we were under the blanket spooning each other. He pulled me closer to him and then I felt my pants and underwear go down (he would finger me but thats as far as I would let it go) so I just thought he was going to do that, then I felt something and I asked him what he was doing. He said "nothing I just want to rub it on you I wont put it in". I told him no I didnt want that but he said "its ok baby it won't go it". I finally gave up and let him but then he started putting it on (btw I was a virgin) I told him to stop because I didnt want to do it and he just kept going saying "its ok. it will feel better trust me" I kept telling him no quietly but he just kept repeating himself (I don't think he realized I actually didnt want it and that I wasnt just playing) I gave up and just kept hoping he would stop in my head. when he got dont I pulled up my pants and curled my legs to my chest still laying by him and stayed quiet. He asked me if I was ok and I just kinda pushed him off and said yeah just tired (I think that's when it hit him). He picked me up and put me in him lap and looked into my eyes (you could tell I was crying and I had tears in my eyes) he asked me if I was actually saying no because I didnt want it and wasnt just playing. I just looked down and he started tearing up and got mad at himself for doing that to me and went into the bathroom. I could tell he really didn't mean to hurt me and when he came back out he looked at me and told me "I..I raped you. You told me to stop and I didn't" I looked at him and saw how hurt and mad at himself he was. He didnt want to touch me because he knew what just happened. I told him he didnt and that it was okay and that I was only saying no necause I wanted to wait but I was ok with it and that I wouldn't change it if I could. He sat on the bed picking me up again and just held me saying sorry over and over again. I cried into him chest and he just held me closely. after that day we had sex and stuff and I was okay with it. I don't blame him and dont hate him at all. we are no longer together after being together for a year amd a half. I just wanted to know if this was rape or not since I kids let it happen.

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