I have 2 boys a 2 year 7 month old and a 1 year 7 month old my youngest is so good starting to talk walking and has hit all milestones developing eldest I always thought something was a little weird but no health visitor or doctor believed me or couldn't do anything as he was so young! now last week the health visitor came to see him and witnessed a meltdown and a mute episode so I referred us over to paediatrics and audology. audology is as he may be deaf but peadiatrics she didn't really explain other than to investigate a possibility of autism/ADHD he doesn't play (he lines things up or into piles) , he doesn't talk, he hardly eats, he won't wear certain clothes he will strip naked if he doesn't like them, he won't potty train (I know that's still early though), he hurts himself alot (hitting, biting and throwing himself onto/into things), he won't play with other children and he can be very physical with me... would this describe austism/ADHD? If anyone's been through it what is the refferal/medical process and what help would be available? I love him to peices and I'm soo happy he will get the help he needs but I suffer with anxiety so an idea of what to expect next would be helpful