I Hate Being Skinny...


Hey My Beautiful Ladies..

Do Any Other Of You Beautiful Women Have Issues With Losing/Gaining Weight..!?

I Am Unfortunately One Of “Those Girls” That CANT GET FAT OR GAIN WEIGHT.. I’m 28yrs With 4 Kids.. An Have Always Been Soo Skinny.. I Used To Get Picked On An Called Matchstick, Pencil, Anorexic.. Which I’m Not, I Eat A lot All The Time Just Never Any Weight Gain.. Any Ideas Or Anything That Could Help Me Mayb Slowly Gain Weight.. Have Tried Everything, Seen Doctors An Apparently It’s Just I Have Fast Metabolism.. But As Im Getting Older Im Hoping It Slows Down So I Can Be Able To Gain Some Weight.. Right Now I Weigh 44.4kgs..!? Is That Good Or Bad.!?