Help please

My boyfriend recently told me when he was younger he let a boy touch him. He said it felt good but he couldnt believe he let him do that. He is very religious and thinks being gay is haram (he is not a homophobe though). I told him if he liked men to tell me because i will support him but i wont put myself through a hopeless relationship. He said “idk babe its super haram”. So now i am very confused if he just regretted doing it or regretted it cause he liked it and is curious in the other gender but its forbidden in his religion? Also please don’t misinterpret this, i know he was telling me cause he was young but ive been kind of suspicious recently as well but it was just me overthinking

Some extra points

* He was 8 years old but still thinks about it till this day

* He gets aroused and is very interested in sex with me

* I just interpreted his message wrong and he said he is not gay