Concerns about strange spotting


Hello all. My husband and I have been “open to baby” for the last 9 months. (This term is our TCC as it helps me feel less pressure and maintain a more stable head space during this time)

My cycles where all over the place for the first 6 months and I finally had 3 cycles that seemed regulated with ovulation around day 30 and cycle being 38-41 days.

Have been checked by the OB/GYN and have been told everything is normal and the inconsistencies are due to stress.

Yay things are normalized! Or so I thought. I have been one week post bleeding and have had some mild cramping and today light spotting.

At first thought it could be ovulation pain due to the cramping but the Opk all coming out negative.

To nervous to take a pregnancy test since that is probably in my head and am not looking forward to another negative test.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Sorry for the long post this is my first time opening up to people about this struggle.