I’ve never been with someone I’m so physically compatible with!

I’ve been hooking up with this person for maybe three months now and just, wow. It’s like our bodies were made for each other! All I have to say is “hey I liked it when you did x” or “I like the idea of x” and he does it, and does it the next time and so forth. He gives me the most amazing orgasms. He’s rough with me while still being very considerate. And I actually enjoy going down on him, I get really into blowing him. He kisses me so much during sex, something my ex actually hated to do. I love kissing. He even holds my hand while we have sex. And then when we’re just cuddling and/or sleeping together I feel so safe and comfortable. He’s moving very, very soon so it will end there and yeah I’m gonna be super sad about it, but wow I am so grateful I got to be with him while I could.