is he a slave?

i ask my SO to go buy milk for baby after hes done w work cause we need it. he came home all mad, told me hes tired of being my slave. he said hes so tired of this marriage cause all he ever do is be a slave for the kids and i. he regrets marrying me because i cant help him do shit, making him have to do "EVERYTHING." he said as a husband, he shouldnt be a slave. threatening to divorce me and never ever look back cause he hates being slave to us. we have 3 babies under 3. im a sahm who doesnt have my license yet, but i am a step further of knowing how to drive. although my SO is the only one driving, doing maintence, paying bills, and wrking. im the only one taking care of 3 babies, including him, cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking trash/recycle, lawn, mowing, and shoveling. i always serve him his food and clean up after him. i wake up before he does to make him coffee and cigarettes before he goes work. he only wrks 3 days. and refuse to let me wrk cause he doesnt want to take care of the kids. nor wants to drive an hr to let his fam watch them. he never helps me take care of them, never helps around the house. but he doesnt see the shit i do, i feel like im the slave, not him. what do u think? if i have my license, i wouldnt bother him to go grab things.