Is he cheating

So earlier today I️ was heading to the galleria (mall) and went to pick up my friend and her daughter from comic palooza and as we round the corner I️ see my boyfriend walking out with 2 girls and his guy best friend I️ pull over to the side and I️m about to get out when my friend tells me to just call him . I️ call I️ see him look at his phone and put I️t away . My friend then tells me maybe it’s not what I️t looks like then I️ tell her he left lastnight to go camping with his 2 guy best friends . So we ended up going shopping and I️ dropped them off at home and I️m sitting in my driveway about to cry . My last relationship of 4 years I️ got cheated on I️m not ready for this again . What do I️ do? What do I️ say when I️ get home ?

Update : he got home 15 min after me and walked in on me crying and he asked me what’s wrong and I️m like nothing how was campilng? He said he didn’t go and I️m like I️ called you and he’s like whats wrong why were you crying and I️ said are you cheating on me . And he’s like what no. And I️ said why didn’t you answer your phone and why didn’t you go camping? He said his guy best friend canceled when he went over there lastnight cuz him and his date were going to comicpalooza and they had an extra ticket so he ended up going with them the next day . Turns out the date brought her sister . Then my bf told me to get his phone from his pocket and unlock I️t . I️t was on our txt messages and the draft was a small paragraph of him trying to explain what he had just told me but he said he didn’t know how to tell me without I️t looking bad . Then I️ told him how I️ saw him not answer his phone and he laughed and didn’t believe me cuz he know I️ would’ve gotten out the car if I’d seen him . then I️ told him the outfit his friend had on and he’s like you cute stalker . You have nothing to worry bout . Then I️ asked why he didn’t tell me lastnight he change of plans and where did they go after they left . They went out to eat and he told me the girls sister tried to give him her number but he told her he had a fiancé but he didn’t contact me lastnight cuz I️t didn’t cross his mind . He figured since he’d be without phone signal I️t didn’t matter but he apologized.

Idk guys...