21 and older: Boobs + Puberty

Laura • Quiet but chatty once you get to know me!

Well, I’ve had a conversation about boobs with my friends and my best friend’s mom and nana, and it has come to me with acceptance that my boobs aren’t growing anymore.

I’m 21 and will be 22 in October, and well I’m flat chested! I thought my boobs just missed high school, one year of college but now I’m thinking they are just done growing, whatever growth they did. And it seems now, I won’t have even have small boobs like my younger sister who’s a little bigger than mine. When I get married, I will have to find a dress that looks good with my small or rather flat chest. And when I start a family, I will have a baby bump but barely any boobs. I’m bummed about this but I’m working on making peace with it completely!