So i know i have alot of questions. But i am currently 10 DAYS LATE ON PERIOD and the first 2 days late i took a test strip and got this vfl. After i took a couple more test that came out negative so i took a clear blue digital the next morning that came out neg aswell. on the 5th day of being late i took another strip and got a VFL again. But continued to get negatives on the 8th day of being late i took this first response i thought it was a neg but some of the other ladies on hear said they could see a VFL so i took another one this morning and got this neg. I've been having LOTS a thick white discharge cramping nausea and fatigue. My qestion is why is this happening? Do you think im pregnant? If so is there something wrong with me or my baby and that's why i keep getting vfls and then negs?