What should I do ?

So the person im talking to gets angry and blow me up if i don’t answer or text him back. But when he doesn’t answer I don’t blow up his phone like he does me. So this is memorial weekend and you have people that goes to Miami for the weekend, This morning he texted me goodmorning after not texting me since 12:30 yesterday afternoon, so I texted him back but got no reply I texted him again at 7:49 tonight i got no reply. So I FT him he didn’t answer. But he’s been active on IG. And he would’ve called back by now, which i haven’t received. I’m convinced that he’s in Miami with a female because he’s not responding or returning calls... Now Wednesday is my birthday and he told me on Friday “you better be here on your birthday too” so I said ok.... But now I’m having second thoughts about going