Curious about Pure Romance Products

Hey ladies, so I just wanted to ask.

Anyone here that sells or knows Pure Romance Products?

I’ve never really used anything during sex with my partner because I haven’t needed lubricant. But lately I’ve been very curious about those products. I want something to lubricate, to make my man go crazy & to have a different fun sexy adventure.

So if anyone can help my giving me details or recommend anything. Also if they have any samples for things like lubricant or whatever please let me know, I really wanna kink things up! 😉

Edit: I ordered “Like a Virgin” & “Just like me” products from Pure Romance. They just arrived today, so an hour ago I put on some of the “like a virgin” cream but I still feel the same. Isn’t it supposed to feel a bit tighter down there? Or tingly? Anything? So far it’s disappointing, since it’s been over 50min and I feel nothing.

I want a product that will tighten a little form any other line (other them pure romance), any recommendations?