31 weeks, nauseous, chills, and loose stool?

AnnaMarie • I`m AnnaMarie. Married 10/14/2017, and our son was born 7/20/2018. 💙

I’m 31+3. Wednesday (when I was 30+6) I woke up to go pee and noticed blood in my panty liner. Immediately called my OB and went in later that day, everything checked out perfectly fine. Urine markers were all negative, cervix was still closed, baby’s heartbeat sounded perfect. OB told me to take it easy and no sex. Fast forward to today. I’ve been nauseous all day, it was off and on at first but now it’s been pretty consistent. I’ve also been having hot flashes all day and then random bouts where I’m just so cold I’m shivering and my teeth are chattering. And I’ve been having loose stool, not necessarily diarrhea but very soft (sorry tmi). Is this just normal 3rd trimester junk or do I need to be worried? Little one still moves a ton so I know he’s fine, just worried since this is all happening only a few days after my scare. I’m a FTM so I don’t know what to expect. 😞