Today would have been our one year anniversary

May 27th 2017, I met my now ex boyfriend for the very first time. I told him to come in casual clothing for a barbecue, perhaps a light jacket. He showed up in a suit jacket and we both laughed. He took me to a carnival and it was magical, then he asked me to be his girlfriend that very same night. Thus began a whirlwind 11 and a half months, everyday spent with someone that I thought would be my forever. He was a bit of a narcissist, but I ignored all those signs. I ignored the constant stopping by mirrors, the chastising me in public for behaviors he deemed childish, the reading posts on <a href="">Eve</a> and needing to a feel a sense of superiority over all of those “unhealthy” couples, the always losing of arguments because he always needed to be right, the feeling jealous of his ex because he described girls he won over like prizes, I could go on but I won’t. I’m still flip flopping on whether this was what I could call a “bad” relationship. I may be bitter because the wound is still fresh, but I came here to tell my story. I may cry today, I may think about all the good times, like how he told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, and how much he loved me, and planning for a future that I now I know will never come. I had a flower pressed from the bouquet he brought me a year ago, today I’m going to burn it along with other photos of him. Sorry, I know this post is kinda rambling but I needed to vent. Thank you so much for reading, all support if very much welcome. ❤️