Am i overreacting?

Every Morning its a fucking battle to wake my boyfriend up . We have a 5 month old baby. Im a stay at home mom my boyfriend works 10-6 and other days 2-10pm. I ALWAYS get up and change the baby , clean him up , cuddles , then put him in his playmat while i clean the room & do laundry . He just lays there 2 days are his days off & the other two days he works at 2 so he leaves later so this is like 4 days a week . Sleeping; on his phone; or tossing the rattle around *while on his phone usually*. Some days HES GREAT . But has to be in a goood mood. He cant be great & still be in a shitty mood . Idk but when your a mom and you feel shitty on thw inside i ALWAYS make sure i have smiles on for my son, i wish he did the same . So anyway every morning i wake this guy up to try and help out , change him . Entertain him (babby loves him) or just change him for me atleast . He hardly ever does so i leave him sometimes, i just leave the room & it works but then his angry . And then im even more angry because hes angry . I wonder if this makes any sense lol . I left ALOT out but anyway am i overreacting or nay? I NEVER sleep in ever so i dont get why he should he able to ?