pregnant or not?!?


So I am now 12 days late..

my breasts are Fuller, my nipples HURT!! hubby goes in for a squeeze and I have to swat him πŸ˜” HOWEVER, my sex drive is on like 1000 so when I am horny all I want is for him to lick all over them!! 😫

I have like super vagina right now... all the nerves in my cooch ARE SERIOUSLY tingling damn near all day. This is abnormal but totally cool with it..for now! 😜

my face looks FLAWLESS!! oh and my eyebrows, HOLY COW, they grow like milliseconds after I pick the darn things.. wth??

I have SEVERAL days where I can't wake up and totally sleep through FOUR alarms.. yea ladies I'm Talking straight 12 hours TOTALLY KNOCKED OUT!! Drool all over my pillow..I mean it's horrible!! my husband thinks it's cute but I feel totally embarrassed, because I can't control it!!

then there are days when I feel WIRED...I won't be able to fall asleep or stay asleep.. restless legs.. oh goodness the ABSOLUTE WORST!! I could literally put coffee companies out of business with all the energy I have 😣

did I mention the emotional rollercoaster.. As if you hadn't noticed in my story how up and down I am 😫

I am only 12 days late.. I tend to rush to the store to get a test just for a negative... this time I wanted to wait a while.. no worries, I already take prenatals because they are awesome.

what do you think? have any of you had similar symptoms, were u Prego?