He was with her for 4 years... HELP PLZ


Sooooo I have recently started to fall for my best friend. There’s always been a serious connection (and some flirtation😉) between us, and recently we have been getting cuddly together (more hugs, I rest my head on his shoulder, etc). 6 months ago he got out of a FOUR YEAR relationship. I’ve helped him through his healing process but I know he’s still trying to figure out who he is without her. But last night... we were watching a scary movie with friends and he started to do the cute thing where you want to hold hands with someone so your hands kinda creep closer and closer together (SO CUTE I HAD ALL OF THE BUTTERFLIES) and we held hands and cuddled for the rest of the movie. But, as soon as the movie ended... he started acting super weird. I asked him if everything was okay, and he said he liked being close to me but just had a lot of memories of his ex flowing through his head (he’s obviously not over her)... and now we’re trying to be close friends and wait and see if he’ll move on from her eventually... but now I’m super anxious about our friendship!!! There’s this tension we both want to act on, but I know we can’t because he needs to heal still... any advice on how to keep things ‘friendly’ even though the tension is crazy? I just don’t want something more to happen when it could hurt either of us or hurt our friendship... will he ever move on, should I try to forget about him??? HELP