My Boyfriend Family


Me and my boyfriend were been together almost a year, at the beginning of our relationship he introduce me to his family. He has a Sister of 15 years of age and they are very close but sometimes his sister would do stuff when I'm with him like sit on top of him and do stuff that i wasn't comfortable but couldn't say nothing we're just starting our relationship. The time past and she would do stuff like i told him he basically ignored me. Months after her sister stopped doing and we grew trust but a week ago his family started to get in in our relationship and saying that we fight a lot when we don't and all because his sister told his mom that we fight and his mother snapped at me making me feel bad about something that i didn't do. Later on my boyfriend told me that what his sister do in front of me it was to make me feel bad and i started crying because i do whatever for them to like but if a i do a little error I'm the bad guy.

I don't know what to do with his family especially is sister that i haven't done nothing to her

I just feel alone...

I need advice