Scariest but most amazing day of my life... the day I became a mommy to my beautiful boy.


My son was due May 11th but on May 9th I went to the doctors and she said if he didn’t come by Sunday we would have to induce me. Luckily she was working in the hospital on that Sunday May 13th so I picked then so I could have my doctor deliver. I got there at noon and they started all the paper work by 6pm they started medicine to induce my labor. Baby’s heart rate dropped once and all the nurses came running my doctor wasn’t due to be in the office till 8pm and the nurse said I could have to have a C-section if they couldn’t get his heart rate back up. Luckily they did within a few minutes. another hour went by and it happened again. Same thing nurses came swarming and they got it back up. At this point they called my doctor and said to come in ASAP because of the issue. My doctor arrived and I was doing fine. No active labor but was dilated 2-3cm and 80% efface with his head at +1. At around 11:30 it happened again and my doctor said that’s it no more just Incase let’s get into surgery now. At this time my fiancé was outside taking a walk and his phone had died. I immediately went into shock because a C-section was my biggest fear and because my fiancé was not there. My mother immediately ran out to go find him. They took me back and did my spinal and prepped me for surgery I shook the entire time so worried he wouldn’t get to see the birth of his baby and that would break my heart. After about 10 minutes into doing the spinal my doctor said they found him and were prepping him to come in now. I was relieved but also so scared because I didn’t even think about the possibility of a C-section and it scared me to death. Once the spinal was done they put the drape up so I couldn’t see anything and they brought my fiancé in. He sat down and held my hand and rubbed my head. 5 short minutes later the one nurse said “are you ready to meet your baby” at 12:13 I looked over to my right and seen my beautiful baby boy for the first time! My fiancé was able to go in the hall while they did his Apgar scoring and then got to hold him right next to me while they stitched me closed. It was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever been threw but now all that fear doesn’t even matter because of the fact I have the most perfect beautiful amazing baby boy and I am forever blessed. 👶🏽👪🍼💚💙