Yay my first BFP

Freya • MC June 2018 😢 🌈 👶🏼 on its way April 2019

I couldn’t wait until this morning to test so I did it last night, thinking if anything there would be faint lines but no.....couldn’t be a stronger positive if it tried!

CD33-15DPO, cycles usually around 29days.

I ran downstairs and surprised my bf with a box wrapped up (had it waiting for about 6 months lol). Tears all round, we’re so excited!

I’m sending every lady reading this a flurry of baby dust and hope that this next month is your month.

We’ve been trying for 8 months, I’ve been tracking my BBT for 2 months-this really helped me understand when i ovulated etc. Do not trust what the app says-it’s not your body! I used OPK this month for the first time too when confirmed when I ovulated.

Fingers crossed this is a sticky bean, best of luck to everyone xxxx