Vagina too deep

I have always felt like my vagina was too deep/long and it makes me uncomfortable when im with my husband.

He always has to literally finger me with 2/3/4 fingers and really deep so that i can have an orgasm or and squirt. Otherwise if he fingers me with just one finger and not too deep i would not orgasm, it sure does feel good but thats it.

And now that i think about it, every ex i had was never able to make orgasm by fingering me or penetrating me bc i guess they just “didnt do it too deep”

Also one day i went to the Doc bc i had yest infection and he was taking samples etc he inserted his fingers to make sure i ihad no pain and he said “oh wow ur vertix is so deep” he made me feel so insecure omg 😭😭

My husband loves me no matter what he has never said anything about my vagina .. so thats not my problem. My problem is that not matter what it just makes me feel insecure 😟