I dont understand CM at all!

Paige • 27| Married 3 years| Expecting Baby #1 Oct. 2019

Ok. so here is my back story and my full story (which I've probably posted on here in other posts so many times, so excuse me if this looks familiar)

I use several different <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">period apps</a>. One says I'm due in 2 days, one says 3, one says 4. lol. So I'm just a sitting duck. Usually I only cramp on the first day. For about a week or so I've been having pretty steady/constant cramps off and on. They go from feeling just like AF to feeling weird (only on one side, more of a pinching/shooting pain, sometimes so pressurey that I feel nauseous). I also have an increased appetite and acid reflux. I tested two days ago because the hubs begged, it was negative (I wasn't surprised and know that doesn't mean I'm out).

I've never really gotten a ton of CM, and never really notice a difference. Usually by the time I see it it's already dried in my panties (tmi sorry) today I just went to the bathroom and it was like a a translucent white and kind of stringy? Again not a ton, only just a spot. I also had a few other spots that were a dried white?

Not necessarily expecting anyone to respond to this, and I'm trying to just make it to the weekend and I will test again. However, if anyone has any options or insight, got a BFP with similar symptoms, and/or can help me understand this whole CM thing, that would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I do believe in signs and I feel like this is an odd one. Spent time with family this weekend d, and both my sister's, my sister in law, my aunt, and even my boss are all currently on their periods. I think that's a sign for me for some reason. lol is that weird?