All I want to do is cry 😢


Y’all idk anymore I’m 9weeks and 1 day . I’ve been going through it this whole pregnancy . First with finding out I had an heterotopic pregnancy having to get surgery. If that pain and suffering wasn’t enough the nausea is so crazy I want to cry just from the consistent sickness I feel . Headaches on top of being sick sucks . I have two other children 14 and 11 who are active but all I want to do is be bedridden. I went out and bought those pregnancy seabands idk if it’s helping or not I still feel sick 🤒 rather I wear them or not but Idk if having it on takes the edge off I could be experiencing sooooo Idk . I want sickness to just be gone . I tell the hubby everytime I see him I’m SICK an I don’t mean to but it comes out when he asks me how you doing? Do you want to go here or there together ? I be looking 👀 like I’m sick I can’t do NOTHING! I’m going crazy y’all I was never this sick when I had my girls never . I’ve never been this sick in my life an on top of it all I can’t vomit 🤮 I feel if I could vomit I’d have some relief idk 😐. Tonight maybe the night I finally lose it . I’m going to be a two year old throw a crying screaming fit .

I’m blessed to have a viable pregnancy still but it’s taking a true toll on me , I’m still happy to be preggers but I need some full days here where I can function as a normal human being .