Grocery Store Rant!


I went to Safeway to buy tampons and a two other items I needed to make dinner, shrimp and bell peppers. While I was checking out a man talking on the phone in line behind me was making fun of my purchases to whoever he was talking with on the phone saying things such as “you should see what this person in front of me is buying, she’s just buying tampons and shrimp yuck hahahah” and just making a joke out of the items that I was purchasing. Now this absolutely pissed me off! I paid for my items and left the store without making a fuss but thinking back on it I wanted to whip out my tampon and slap him square in the face with it. I left the store so utterly appalled that it’s 2018 and men still think periods are gross and something to joke about. Does anyone else have any stories like this??