Best we’ve had❤️🤤

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 10 months and we lost our virginity to each other which is so amazing.

Anyway a few weeks ago I was staying at his house and we already knew we were going to do it so after all of his family was asleep we went into his room and started foreplay which was amazing. He does this thing where we make out and he puts his hand down the back of my pants and fingers me 🤤. I got really wet and then he was like starting to take my clothes off while still making out like they do in movies and that turned me on even more. Then we were both naked on and he thrusted in me a few times without the Condom and then he put the condom on and it was so good. He put it in really slow but went really hard and it felt sooo good we tried out new positions and found our favourite one which is basically the missionary but with my legs wrapped around him. It feels amazing like that. He kept grabbing my ass and kissing me and my neck and he kept telling me how beautiful I am and stuff like that. I was so sore the next day but I didn’t even care because it was the best!!!