Milk supply decreased?

Allie • Married 💍 Mama to a beautiful girl & TTC baby #2 ❤️

My baby just turned 6 weeks yesterday and we’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. Ever since she was born I’ve had to pump after almost every feeding because my boobs would still be full because I had oversupply (which I wasn’t complaining, I was building a nice freezer stash). She would eat, and then I could pump around 5-6 oz between both boobs. The past few days however, I’ve noticed a drastic change in my supply. After she eats, I don’t even need to pump. If I do, I only get maybe 1-2 oz on each side. Also, my left boob is producing WAY less than my right. It feels almost empty sometimes. Should I be worried or is all of this normal?? Anything I can do to get my supply back up?