Please I really need some life advice, I’m begging


So I’m 19 and never really had anyone that was into me or ever had a boyfriend. I have this friend that I find very attractive and just the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and I’ve told him over a year ago that I was catching feelings for him because I felt the need to just put it out there. At the time he was going through a lot of personal issues and said that he was really shocked that I was feeling that way about him but he is personally not ready for any relationship or anything like that at the time, but he never said that he didn’t feel the same.

Over the year I was hoping my feelings would just fade, but like always they didn’t. Recently he has been saying to his friends that he might be ready to start putting himself out there more. Also recently he has been a lot more friendlier to me and he made comment recently that I couldn’t tell if he was calling me cute or not (he was also very drunk at the time this happened).

Can anyone tell me from their experiences how they knew their SO was into them? I am so oblivious to things and an overthinker so I’m clueless. I’m begging you please help me.