Miscarriage?? Help!


Hey January mamas...I’m at what I thought was 6wk +2, but after a visit to ER on Tuesday I’m more like 5wk +3/4. So far I’ve had it real easy...no real nausea (occasional queasiness), no cravings or food aversions, most days wake up feeling rested and positive, only tired after a long and busy day...have even taken additional tests to make sure I’m actually prego! Well, this week I noticed some really light pink spotting on TP. I panicked and rushed to ER. Had vaginal ultrasound (they could only see yolk sac), urine, pelvic exam and blood work (levels @ 2446). I had intercourse the night before which is what they attributed the bleeding to. They told me I had to be extra careful and no sex until I follow up with my OB. I spoke to my OB and she requested all ER records and after reviewing assured me everything looked normal and that they expect some spotting in early pregnancy. She also told me that I should expect some additional brown spotting. Sooo...today I see the brown discharge/spotting. There was a small spot on my panty liner and saw some in the toilet after peeing. I’m having occasional cramps on both sides and kinda feels like in my hip joints and a short period of what felt like ovulation pain. Other than spotting/discharge and some cramping, I’m not having any other symptoms. Could this be the onset of a miscarriage?? My first blood test levels @ 12/13 dpo was 118, 2 Days later 381 (that was just 2.5 weeks ago). Im 40 and this is my first pregnancy. I’m really praying it’s not a loss. What do you guys think? Have either of you has similar experience and end up with a healthy baby?