I think I have herpes..

I think I have herpes.. I am 16 and the first time I had sex , I didn’t tell my boyfriend to put on a condom only because I thought it was know that he should.. I stopped him before he went all the way inside, but it was too late. I told my mom I thought I had a yeast infection so they would bring me to the doctor and I told my doctor , that I was sexually active and the symptoms I was having and she didn’t tell my mom (thank god) but she sent off a test just to see if I had anything and she called my mom with the results but she never got around to calling back, and she told me they never called again so it must have been nothing.. and I want , well need to no what it is , I looked up all the symptoms I’m having and I narrowed it down to herpes. I don’t no what to do if I should tell my mom or not because their is no cure , and the medication they have for it doesn’t work on everyone , so maybe I should just deal with it myself untill I’m old enough to go to the doctor or my own and get tested over? I need help!!!