Worried about my rainbow

Kara • Married...Kyle Nolan 05-19-2011 Boys....Logan Emery 09-22-2013, Lukas Nolan 08-20-2015 *Baby* *Baby* TTC our rainbow 🌈

I happened to have a yearly exam with my OB today. Last night I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. While there my OB did an ultrasound. She saw the gestational sac and what looked like something else forming and said I was 5 weeks and some. She said that ultrasound machine wasn’t very good and doesn’t pick up on a lot We lost our last baby around this time but didn’t find out until 11 weeks. I was dumb and gooogled and saw by the time the sac is 12mm (what mine is) there should be a visible yolk sac so now I’m freaking out!!! I’m thinking I’m about 5 weeks 2 days based on ovulation symptoms and when we BD I could seriously use some positive stories