When the symptoms are the same



AF is officially on her way today, CD 32. Been cramping all morning and now I’ve started spotting. Keeping this post up to remind myself that symptoms don’t mean much in the TWW and not to symptom spot. Well, at least the waiting game is over this round. On to round three!


Symptoms like crazy. They fit both PMS or pregnancy. AF is late but the tests are all negative.



Weeping fits

Mood swings from hell

So. Freaking. Tired.

Peeing a lot

Hot flashes



Boobs feel PMS ish

Acne like a thirteen year old

Was really nauseous Sunday but haven’t had issues since.

A few days ago I was really crampy but it’s gone now.

Every test is negative. I seriously thought af was coming on Tuesday with all the cramps and symptoms.

All I got was extra discharge. I can’t be sure the exact date of ovulation, but it was sometime between 5/16-5/19. I was fairly certain it was the 16th, but I had signs of ovulation again on the 19th, so I’m not ruling that out. I’m waiting until Saturday in case I did ovulate late, but if there’s still no af and no positive by Monday, I’m calling the doc. My gut says I’m not pregnant, but my mind needs af before it gives up completely. 🤞🤞🙏🙏