The insensitive coworker!


I recently started a new job, and my coworkers and I were talking and getting to know one another. One girl asked me if i had kids. I said no,and she began to yell to the other girls SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY KIDS,TELL HER HOW LUCKY SHE IS. Each one of them proceeded to tell me how many kids they have, how “bad” their kids are, and how Lucky I am to not have to be responsible for anyone besides my husband and myself. It was like an arrow straight into my heart. I wanted to say do you know what I’d give to have someone call me mommy? I tried not to let my face express what i was thinking. I tried to talk to myself quietly to subside the anxiety i felt raising in my throat. My heart was racing and all i wanted to do was run and hide. I wanted to scream NOTHING ABOUT ME IS LUCKY. This isn’t a choice i made. Unfortunately it was made for me, and I cant even explain why. I told myself, the next time someone passes a comment about me not having kids, i would just tell them exactly what is going on with me, to make them so awkwardly uncomfortable, they’d never want to ask that question again. This would be my way to vindicate every woman with fertility issues, but when that time came again i just sat silently. My heart shattered in millions of pieces,feeling hopeless,helpless,and voiceless. 😞 ******* I’m sorry i don’t have an encouraging story to share. This is what’s happening. And for once I’d just like to talk with wen who can identify with the feelings of rage and anger that i feel from time to time.